Why Mental Tetris?

Do you have a belief system, personal philosophy or a mental model of something that just feels fuzzy, ambiguous and poorly defined? Sure, you have a general idea or opinion that you can work with, but can you depend on it to consistently solve problems and produce the results you want?

You want your mind to work like a well-oiled cognitive machine that pounds away at any problem it’s presented with. You want to do deep, focused and meaningful work without succumbing to distractions and social media. Sometimes you want to be calm and wise like Yoda, even when the outside world is an emotional maelstrom. Other times you want to unleash your creative potential and spawn amazing art on demand. You want to have empowering habits that keep you in flow during the whole day. You want to be patient like a monk, disciplined like a well-trained soldier, while still being your normal, relaxed, geeky self.

But instead, your mental landscape looks like this:


Yeah, mine too. Shit.

So what’s this site about? (Yeah, I know it’s a blog, but I’ll call it a site because that sounds more serious.) It’s mostly about clearing your mental clutter. Well, my mental clutter, I’m just taking you along for the ride. I’ve devoured books upon books, articles and blogs on personal development, done a ton of introspection, journaling, meditation, personal experiments and more. Still, I have an overwhelming sense that it hasn’t come together like it was “supposed to”. I’m still lazy, unfocused and unclear about what I want to do with my life.

That’s why I’ve decided to create this place. I’ll explore belief systems, philosophies, frameworks and tools that can improve my thinking processes, productivity, habits and well being. I’ll share what I learn in hope that I’ll put in a lot more effort into making it holistic, actionable and bullshit-proof. Because now other people can read it, point at me and laugh. So basically, I’m trying to improve my thinking by becoming publicly accountable to random people on the Internet. What could possibly go wrong? I bet the guys who created the YouTube comment section thought the same thing.

Anyway, I hope you’ll learn something useful here and add some of your own insights. I’m sure we all have blind spots that could use some exposing.

Enjoy your stay! 🙂