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Jan 12   2018 Primary Focus


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Jun 14    Chasing Ideas

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Jun 6      Thinking in Organisms to Facilitate Personal Growth

May 11   Lessons From Living in a Subjective Reality

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Apr 4      Going 90% is better than 100%

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Mar 22   Solve Problems by Accident

Mar 13   You’re a Cell in the Body of Humanity

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Mar 7     Reclaim Your Personal Power

Mar 2     Priming: The Easy Way to Program Your Brain

Feb 27    How the Illusion of Us vs. Them is Making You Stupid

Feb 23    How to Install a New Habit – Part 2: Mini-Guide

Feb 20    How to Install a New Habit – Part 1: Key Principles

Feb 13    Personal experiments: Become Your Own Guinea Pig

Feb 9      Making Actual Progress: Goals vs. Systems

Feb 3      Pragmatic Stress Release and Inner Peace

Feb 1      Hello World!