Personal Manifesto

A manifesto is a statement of principles and a call to action. A personal manifesto declares core beliefs and values, what a person stands for and how s/he intends to live his/her life.

I use my personal manifesto as a source of motivation and inspiration, as a focusing mechanism or guidepost for how to approach decisions and a reminder of my priorities.

1. I am calm and relaxed, striving for mindfulness.
Stress is the mind-killer. I can bring my best self to every task or interaction after I pause to relax.
2. I am social and energetic by default.
I relish time spent surrounded by people, connecting and sharing experiences.
3. I often contradict myself and do not consider this a problem.
It is possible to hold opposing beliefs and feel multiple things at the same time.
4. I strive to bring humor and playfulness wherever I go.
I refuse to repress my positive attitude.
5. I resist nothing and accept everything.
Reality is the way it is, and avoiding uncomfortable thoughts is not going to change that. Facing fears and awkwardness helps me become more authentic and resilient.
6. I face challenges and uncertainty with equanimity.
I understand that only my thoughts, attitudes and actions are under my control. Everything else is outside of my control.
7. I take responsibility for my experience.
Even if I can’t control what happens to me, I still have to suffer the result. Thus, it is intelligent to consider it under my responsibility anyway.
8. I accept failure with a light heart.
I am willing to be wrong and makes mistakes. Every experience can be turned into a lesson. And then repeated. Just in case.
9. I always give Life the benefit of a doubt.
I never know how an experience might benefit me in the end. I will not be sour or bitter towards the cards that have been dealt to me.
10. I understand and respect the power of choice.
My life is my own creation. It stagnates when I fail to decide and flourishes when I choose a clear path. I do not require permission or approval.
11. I choose strong opinions, but hold them loosely.
I am always open to changing my mind, if presented with sufficient evidence.
12. I am comfortable with who I am.
I accept the totality of my personality, all of its many facets and shadows.
13. I am interested in everything and switch hobbies freely.
“I am large, I contain multitudes.”
14. I keep my identity small.
To stay open-minded and reduce prejudice, I do not identify with or feel attached to my belief systems or political views.
15. I keep my ego strong.
My ego is my character/avatar in the Game of Life. I employ it to live a stimulating, vibrant and rich life, centered around Intelligence and Philosophy. And a lot of Earthly pleasures as well.
16. I always have good intentions.
I will not hold grudges or succumb to malice or petty revenge.
17. I value deep friendships and a sense of community.
I engage in shared, meaningful and fun experiences and deep conversation. I do my best to be a good friend.
18. I aim to contribute.
I try to help and create value for others.
19. I optimize for high energy and a clear mind.
I manage my stress, health, and clarity by consistently eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
20. I have an insatiable desire to explore, experiment, learn and improve.
I will probably die of terminal curiosity.
21. Reading is like breathing to me.
I am compelled to expand my mind with fresh and surprising insights, amazing stories and powerful ideas.
22. I allow my creative juices to flow.
I express myself through writing and storytelling.
23. I cultivate quality time with myself, with others, and with my interests.
At my death-bed I will be most fond of the time I spent doing things I love and shooting the shit with my friends.