Mental Tetris used to be a personal development blog geared toward clearing my mental clutter and synthesizing many different tools, frameworks, and philosophies into crisp, actionable and bullshit-proof methods to improve my mind.

This is becoming a place for shameless self-exploration where I distill and chunk what I’ve tried and learned regarding thinking, decision-making, habits, and more. Sometimes I need to write down what I’m thinking to understand what I’m thinking. I’m sharing it with the hope that it will help you and clear up some mental space. Just like clearing a line in Tetris. Any bad humor you encounter is a free bonus. 😛


Hi, I’m Kristijan. By day, I’m an ordinary R&D Engineer in the fields of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. But by night, I’m… totally asleep. I love to explore ways to improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Funky belief systems are my particular weakness. I am obsessed with metacognition and meta-learning.

Age:  27

From: Zagreb, Croatia

Current home base:  Glasgow, Scotland

Other interests:  meditation, hiking, travel, fantasy books, cartoons, martial arts, artificial intelligence, technology and practically everything else.

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