Mental Tetris is a personal development blog geared toward clearing my mental clutter and synthesizing many different tools, frameworks and philosophies into crisp, actionable and bullshit-proof methods to improve your mind. Bonus bad humor. ūüėõ

This is a place where I distill and chunk¬†what I’ve learned and tried regarding thinking, decision making, habits, productivity, ¬†performance improvement and more. I’m sharing it with hope that it will help you and clear up some mental space. Just like clearing a line in tetris.


Hi, I’m Kristijan. By day, I’m an ordinary R&D Engineer in the fields of Machine Learning and Computer Vision. But by night, I’m… totally¬†asleep. I love to explore ways to improve myself¬†physically, mentally and emotionally. Funky belief systems are my particular weakness. I am obsessed with metacognition and metalearning.

Age:  27

Home base:  Zagreb, Croatia

Other interests:  hiking, travel, fantasy books, cartoons, martial arts, artificial intelligence, technology and practically everything else.

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